The GOG Foundation is a national, non-profit medical organization promoting awareness for gynecologic malignancies through education and clinical trials. The purpose and mission of the Foundation is to improve and expand the treatment of gynecologic cancers. These goals are met through an exchange of information on programs of study, teaching methods and research activities among gynecologic oncologists, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, nurse oncologists, pathologist and basic scientists.


What is the Industry Collaboration Team?

The ICT is a yearly GOG Foundation membership program designed and developed to foster and facilitate a two-way communication channel between Industry and the Foundation. The Foundation strives to build a strong partnership with industry in order to serve as their research and collaboration partner, paving the way for advancement in the field of gyn oncology.


The ICT Membership provides:

        The opportunity to establish a two-way communication channel between industry and the Foundation;

        For a more rapid accumulation of information for pooling knowledge by multidisciplinary organizations and industry;

       Interaction between leaders in oncology and industry;  

         An opportunity to extend information about new and improving technologies, equipment, products and services to professionals working in gynecologic cancer research;

         All company employees with reduced meeting registration fees (if acceptable to your company); and

         Each company with a user name and password for member access to the Foundation website which enables you to retrieve information in the clinical trial queue.

Click Here for an ICT Enrollment Form


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