How do I become a Member of GOG?


In order to become a Member of GOG, an Institution must complete a GOG Membership Application.


A copy of this Application can also be requested by calling the GOG Administrative Office at 215-854-0770.



When is the deadline for submitting Membership Applications?


Provisional Membership applications are due in the administrative office 45 days in advance of each Semi-Annual Meeting.

CCOP Membership applications are accepted at any time during the year.



Are there Individual Memberships?


No, there are no Individual Memberships.  Membership in the GOG is by Institution only.



What types of Membership can I apply for?


An Institution can apply for Provisional, International, Affiliate, or CCOP Membership.



What is Provisional Membership?


Provisional Membership is reserved for Institutions as an initial means of entry into the GOG and allows time for the Membership Committee to evaluate the performance of the Institution.



What is International Membership?


International Member Institutions will consist of institutions whose primary site is outside of the United States and its Territories. International Members may accept Affiliate Members when approved by the Membership Committee and the Board of Directors. They must meet all the standards of a Full Member with respect to Eligibility, Evaluability and Completeness of Records before they can accept an affiliate.



What is Affiliate Membership?


Affiliates are Institutions, who either by choice or circumstance, cannot meet Full Membership requirements, but still wish to participate in GOG activities and protocols. They can do so by becoming an Affiliate of a full Member Institution.  The Affiliate can enter patients onto protocols through a full Member.



What is a CCOP/MBCCOP Membership?

 CCOP and MBCCOP are groups of community hospitals and physicians funded by a peer-reviewed cooperative agreement to participate in NCI-sponsored cancer treatment, prevention, and control clinical trials. MBCCOPs generally attribute at least 40% of their newly diagnosed cancer patients from minority populations. CCOP institutions will have a different accrual requirement (6 patients). All other membership requirements, i.e., eligibility, evaluability, completeness of records, follow-up records, audit reports and meeting attendance will be enforced. 


What are CTSU Institutions?


Institutions enrolling patients to GOG studies through the Clinical Trials Support Unit (CTSU) must be either a member of another Cooperative Group, or part of the CTSU Independent Clinical Research Site (CICRS) program. GOG member institutions cannot enroll patients through GOG and CTSU during the same timeframe.



How are GOG Institutions evaluated?


GOG Member Institutions are evaluated by the GOG Membership Committee twice a year at the GOG Semi-Annual Meetings.



What are the GOG Standards for Membership?


GOG Membership Standards - (click to view in .pdf format)

You can also request a copy from the Administrative Office by calling 215-854-0770.



How do affiliates change their Parent Institution?


An official letter from the Senior Investigator at the affiliate requesting the change, an official letter from the Principal Investigator at current Parent Institution approving the change, and an official letter of acceptance from the Principal Investigator at the proposed Parent Institution must be submitted to the GOG Administrative Office for approval.



What is the difference between membership points and per capita points?


Membership points are the amount of points the institution receives for enrolling patients on each protocol. The membership points help institutions to maintain membership in the GOG. Full members and provisional members have to have at least 150 Total points per year.


Per Capita points are the points associated with the amount of money that will be reimbursed to the institutions for enrolling patients on studies. Per capita payments are paid at $110 per point. The per capita points are the amount of money associated with the direct and indirect costs for enrolling patients on studies. it is up to the Group Chair to assign the per capita points for a banking trial or treatment trial. The per capita points can vary depending on the complexity of the trial. Some studies have specimen points, and credit is given for specimen points also. Provisional members only get 80% or per capita until they become Full members. Full members get 100%.

How are Affiliates paid?

The Parent Institution determines how much their affiliates are paid.

How does an institution change their PI, Co-Pi, or Senior Investigator?

An official letter requesting the change from the institution's PI must be submitted to the GOG Administrative Office.












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