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GOG Partners

We have developed an efficient core process to support activating clinical trials through the GOG Partners mechanism of GOG Foundation and our research network. These core services are highlighted below. At a minimum, we provide the following services for every study activated through GOG Partners.

  • Negotiate Letter of Authorization (LOA) between GOG Foundation, Inc. and Company
  • Negotiate Clinical Trial Services Agreement (CTSA) between GOG Foundation, Inc. and Company
  • Negotiate Site Clinical Trial Agreement (CTA) template for inclusion in CTSA
  • Negotiate site Confidentiality Disclosure Agreement (CDA)
  • Negotiate clinical trial budget between GOG and Company
  • Negotiate site CTA budget
  • Review of concept proposal by GOG Scientific Review Team
  • Provide scientific review of Protocol
  • Develop feasibility questionnaires in collaboration with sponsor
  • Collect and analyse feasibility data
  • Receive and issue payments
  • Identify sites for interest
  • Distribute and negotiate site CDA
  • Distribute feasibility questionnaires (FQ) and protocol synopsis
  • Identify and consider study investigators/sites through FQ
  • Site selection
  • Distribute and negotiate site CTA and budget
  • Ethics Board Review (GOG HRC) of initial protocol/ICF and amendments
  • Sunshine Act reporting support

As every project is unique, our approach and services will be tailored to fit your needs. The early engagement of our thought leaders through GOG Partners Advisory Boards is a critical component of this process. Contact us today, or click below to learn more about our Advisory Board program.


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