GOG Partners

Supported by industry, GOG Partners has been structured to work directly with pharmaceutical organizations and operate clinical trials outside the National Cancer Institute (NCI) framework. By providing an alternative venue for patient accrual and site infrastructure support, GOG Partners has helped stabilize the national gynecologic clinical trials network.

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The Industry Collaboration Team (ICT) is a GOG Foundation membership program designed and developed to facilitate a two-way communication channel between industry and the GOG Foundation.
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Leveraging our global content experts in all gynecologic oncology domains, the GOG Foundation developed Advisory Boards as a learning tool for Preferred Industry Collaboration Team Members.
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As clinicians and researchers, we are always seeking the next breakthrough in treatment for our patients.
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We understand that time is crucial when developing and conducting a clinical trial. We have developed efficient processes to support activating clinical trials through the GOG Foundation and our research network.
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