Advisory Boards

The GOG Partners team developed Advisory Boards as a learning tool for Preferred Industry Collaboration Team (ICT) Members.

Advisory Boards are comprised of global content experts in all gynecologic oncology domains, including clinical and preclinical/translational science, health-economics and outcomes research, surgery, novel therapeutics and clinical trial design, execution, and analytics. These providers understand the unique and time-sensitive aspects of development.

There are two types of Advisory Boards:

  • Commercial Advisory Boards are intended to help organizations with medications that are ready to be commercialized.
  • Development Advisory Boards provide assistance with development and FDA approval of medications.

Preferred Industry Collaboration Team Members have the opportunity to host an Advisory Board/Pipeline Panel Presentation, which can be held in conjunction with or separate from the semi-annual NRG Oncology meeting. Advisory Board meetings consist of no less than a 4-hour session, and may be customized upon request.

For more information, please contact Jenna Cummins or Linda Gildersleeve at the GOG Foundation Development office at 410.721.7126 or via email at or